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Anyil looked up and grinned. “Romanov. It has been one Hell of a long time.” She opened her arms, eyes twinkling, but didn’t go for the hug - you didn’t hug the Widow uninvited, friend or no. “I suppose I can’t ask where you’ve been, but I’m happy to see you home in good condition, this time.”

With a raised brow the red haired woman looked at the open arms. Her gaze shifted this way and that before she slipped into the welcoming embrace and held tight. “I have a rep to hold up.” She chuckled.

"Classified I’m afraid. However as stated I am home and in one piece, mostly," She teased. Anyil was one of the few Romanov considered to be a real friend. "Looks like the office is still in tact no recruit riots while I was away?"

"None that couldn’t be put down with Nerf guns," she replied easily. "And you could kill a recruit with a bag of flour if you needed to maintain your rep. Hill might get pissy, but it wouldn’t last long," she smirked. "Of course, suggesting such might get me knocked down again - I got to Level 2 while you were gone. One step closer to still not knowing where you’ve gone off to," she said with a grin. "Wanna go get something to drink and catch up?"

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"Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?"

Anyil looked up and grinned. “Romanov. It has been one Hell of a long time.” She opened her arms, eyes twinkling, but didn’t go for the hug - you didn’t hug the Widow uninvited, friend or no. “I suppose I can’t ask where you’ve been, but I’m happy to see you home in good condition, this time.”

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     She was to look perfect at all times, from her corset that made it hard to inhale, to the curls that bounced in her hair. The windows were open, letting in a gentle breeze that kissed her pink cheeks as she played the violin for her mother to hear across the hall. Of course, she’d point out her faults, and only her faults. But she continued, because it was something she liked to work on. 


     After six songs in a row, she put her bow down and violin back in its case. The sheet of music was tucked away, and the clicking of her heels made it all the way down two flights of stairs and to the front gate, where she spotted someone on the other side.


     Staring for a long moment, she finally decided to speak up, but in a quiet, gentle voice. ❝— Wer sind Sie hier?

The thin young man bowed, and spoke in passable, though oddly-accented German. “Good afternoon, Lady. I am here to speak with the lady of the house, regarding her request for a guard for the daughter of the house. Would you be so kind as to conduct me to her?” He ducked his head deferentially, but smiled nonetheless. “I would be quite indebted to you, if you would do so.”

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Anyil nodded briefly, preparing herself. Everything around her felt sharper and strangely removed as she saw Thera signal and almost silently sprinted to the truck, taking out the fool sitting by it with a sharp twist that broke his neck. She grabbed his keys and flung herself into the truck, waiting for Thera’s distraction to end and for her to join Anyil so they could get the Hell out of dodge.

No-one paid Thera any attention as she strolled across the open space, scarf back in place over her face - and thankful for the advent of technology that saw jeeps and trucks gathered around rather than any horses or camels that she’d be duty bound to move off before she set things underway.

She took a deep breath, focusing on the energy around her and the loose canvas cover on one of the jeeps. A spark built up, caught - and suddenly the entire canopy was ablaze.

"FIRE!" Thera hollered in the local tongue, all the while mentally fanning the flames, "FIRE!" Then, under the cover of the shouting and panic that ensued she turned and ran for the for the truck, swinging up onto the side.

"Let’s outta here!"

Anyil revved the engine as soon as Thera came in; she had a limited knowledge of Arabic, and she could tell that there was a hell of a commotion around a sudden fire. “Nicely done!” she called to her partner, driving the clearest route she could find like a bat out of Hell, hoping there wouldn’t be any pursuit.

Thera scrambled through into the rear of the truck, keeping watch out the back in case anyone decided to give chase; if they did, the earthen road they were currently bumping along would suffer mysterious subsidence under their wheels.

Fortunately, by the time the slavers controlled the fire, noticed the truck missing and figured out it hadn’t been innocently moved, the two of them were well away. Thera sat up, gratefully dragging the wrapped headress from her hair.

"Say … don’t suppose we’re lucky enough to have a GPS in this thing?"

Anyil slowed the truck to a safe speed - no sense in drawing attention by running when no one was chasing them - and rooted around in the compartment. “None here that I can see; you might have better luck on your side though,” she said after a while, adrenaline starting to slide to exhaustion. “Don’t suppose you have some water or food, do you?” she added after a pause. “I think it might be wise for me to have some, soon.”

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Clint is ambidextrous.

((Actually, which way you hold a bow depends not on your dominant hand, but your dominant eye - which eye will be used for most of the aiming. So Clint’s eyes are of equal strength. And yes, I know this, I aught archery for a while!))

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Amelia frowned and took a long sip of her tea.”I hadn’t thought about it that way…but it makes sense.” She chose not to tell her aunt that though time travel wasn’t commonplace or even acknowledged by many outside a few government agencies, there had been talk of teaching classes at the university on the subject.

"I guess it’s one of those things where there’s nothing you can do about it-so why put too much energy into worrying about it, right?" 

Anyil grinned wryly. “Something like, save that worrying is my job. Especially since you’re the daughter of a friend.” She shook her head. “Perhaps we should stick to commonplaces. I’d ask you what you’re learning in school, except some if it might not be discovered yet,” she deadpanned.

Amelia ran her finger around the edge of her mug , the warmth of it had dissipated into the air a long time ago and it held no comfort.  ”Hmmm… okay.” She nodded, her auburn hair falling around her shoulders. “I can tell you that we still study things like math and science and stuff. And I graduate next January. We still read the classics like Shakespeare. I just finished a paper on Chaucer.” She pulled a face. “Dry stuff. How about you”

Anyil smiled wryly. “Most of the stuff I’m up to is classified, even if it is history to you. You never know when this shit’ll come back to bite you in the ass, anyhow,” she remarked, then flushed. “And I should probably stop cursing like a sailor in front of my adoptive niece, right.” She toyed with the cup, trying to get her calm back. “Mostly pretty boring, actually, punctuated by moments of terror. My glamorous life, right there,” she smirked, before turning thoughtful. “And I don’t do much outside of work, so…” she trailed off.

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He says nothing as the punching bag hits the floor, and sighs before turning to look at the person at the door. “Sorry. Were you gonna use that?”

Anyil smiled wryly. “Well, yeah, but I was going to do something similar, only more slowly and less dramatically.” She nodded her head at the bag she’d hauled along, neatly lined up next to his. “I can just set this up somewhere else, Captain.”

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The girl sighed, and set aside her Tumblr; it was time to stop tormenting her poor muse and get to work. She reluctantly pulled up the article, grumbling at the jargon in it, and, at one and the same time, the oversimplicity of the ideas presented. “I mean, I know it’s important,” she muttered, starting to skim the page. “And I should get it done before breakfast, even though I’m hungry; but damn, I wish I could choose something easy AND fulfilling for a change.”

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